Sunday Hike: Financial District, San Francisco

The air quality in the city has been unhealthy the last week due to the fires up in the North Bay so much so that it has been compared to Beijing. Our apartment corridor reeked of smoke and people were advised to limit their outdoor activities or wear masks. Today seemed like the first day that the air seemed decent enough to go out for a bit. We took an urban hike through the Financial District neighborhood of San Francisco. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Walking up the stars to One Maritime Plaza.



The Peacock Fountain designed by architect Robert Woodward at the One Maritime Plaza.



One Maritime Plaza.



Three Embarcadero Center.



View of the Embarcadero Center, Ferry Building clock tower, and the Hyatt Regency, San Francisco.





Closer shot of the Embarcadero Center.



The interior of the Hyatt Regency, San Francisco.



The exterior of the Hyatt Regency, San Francisco.



The Millennium Tower that keeps on sinking….



The reflection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on the expanded Moscone Center windows.


Just as I find joy hiking in nature and parks, I think exploring the city is fun too. The design and architecture of buildings, public art, etc. I’ve lived for so many years in San Francisco and there’s always something new to see!

What and where is your favorite urban hike?


Kippis! Drinking in Finland.

With each Finn apparently consuming 12 kg of coffee a year, you’d think I’d be blogging about this very popular beverage when it comes to a post about Finnish drinks. Except… I don’t drink coffee! So here’s a post about all the other Finnish drinks we tried, except coffee…:)

Our first introduction to Finnish drinks was aboard Finnair as we flew from Chicago

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The Impossible Burger

I’ve been wanting to try the Impossible Burger for awhile so was excited to see it at Umami Burger.

Our order came with two patties, american cheese, dill pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, miso-mustard, caramelized onions, and their house spread. The Impossible Burger looks like a regular burger, but surprise! It is plant-based!


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Blue Sky, Blue Angels: San Francisco Fleet Week

This past week was San Francisco’s Fleet Week, an annual tradition in the Bay Area honoring the United States Armed Forces. I love the roar of the planes and look forward to the Blue Angels–the United States Flight Demonstration Squadron–and the airshow every October. I think one of the best ways to watch this fantastic show is to take to the water to avoid the crowds. Save for last year when I broke my finger, we’ve done this for the past few years. We lucked out this year with blue skies and warm temperatures.

Here are some shots taken from Treasure Island on Saturday as we were making our way back to the San Francisco.


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Les Gourmands Bakery: Review

It’s a terrible thing to have a French bakery situated along your work bus route. For my waistline anyway…

Earlier this week, I was on my way to the office riding the 45 MUNI bus when it stopped at 5th and Folsom streets to pick-up passengers. The wide array of pastries through the clear windows caught my attention and as the bus took off again, I managed to catch the name of it: Les Gourmands Bakery.


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Happy Cinnamon Roll Day!

20170809_0951071243317025.jpgNot only is tomorrow hump day, which means we’re half way through the work week, but it is also, among an endless list of other “national days”: National Kale Day, National Golf Day, National Vodka day, and National Cinnamon Roll Day.

I don’t play golf and I’m not really a huge fan of vodka so that leaves me with kale and cinnamon roll to blog about (others include International Ships-in-Bottles Day, International Toot your Flute Day, etc. I don’t do/have either. Who makes these up!?). This year, the Mid-Autumn festival also falls on October 4th, but I don’t eat mooncakes so that’s out. It’s quite the conundrum, kale vs. cinnamon roll., what do I write about… Continue reading

Bring Out the Animal! Fort Point Beer Company

My new favorite beer at the moment is Fort Point Brewing Company’s Animal.

Last year my boyfriend B and I were hiking through the Presidio, San Francisco, when we came upon the brewery. Founded in 2014 by brothers Tyler and Justin Catalana,

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